Couples Counseling

A key component to my work is helping couples strengthen their bonds so they can turn towards each other for greater support and comfort, as well as provide a ‘united front’ with their children.  

I primarily work with Emotionally Focused Therapy with couples for two reasons:  

  • EFT has had the most empirical evidence for long-term results with couples in a relatively short period of time.  
  • EFT focuses on building a ‘safe haven’ in the relationship where each person feels close, secure and responded too, so that they are better able to manage conflict and painful feelings that come and go throughout their lives.   

I help couples become ‘process experts’ in their relationship:  

A safe process of relating that they go back to each time to weather difficult moments together and have difficult conversations.

We do this with most of the focus on your current positive and negative interactions (patterns) of relating to each other – strengthening what works, and identifying and changing negative interactions that get in the way of resolving conflicts and gaining intimacy.  

I have found that this fundamental shift in how a person perceives themselves (supported and secure) in important relationships shores them up to feel more engaged in all their relationships, and reduces anxiety and depressive symptoms.

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